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  1. Can I leave my key on file?

Yes, you can.  In fact, we prefer that you do leave your key on file.  This makes it easy for frequent travelers to set up pet sitting visits.  Keys are stored in a secure, locked safe.  If you prefer not to leave our key on file, please discuss with your pet sitter the means for retrieving your key upon your return.

     2.  Do you board animals?

Currently, we are not equipped to board dogs or cats..     Please call for more info.

     3.  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do, through PayPal.  See the "Rates & Services" page for more info.

     4.  May I contact you while to check on my animals while I am out of town?

Yes, you may call any time to check up on your fur-babies.    I also accept text messages.  I will give you the number during our free consultation.

      5.  I'm going on a cruise.  How would you suggest contact be made in case of an emergency?

Cruise and overseas calls may be expensive.  I found the best means for contact may be through cell phone, text messaging.  However, you may set up an alternative contact person on the mainland for emergencies.

      6.  Do you accept puppies as clients?  If so, how old do they have to be?

I do accept puppies as young as 8 weeks old.  I will assist with your crate training and reward system (hugs and atta boys)

      7.  Can you train my pet? 

Training is best done in an obedience class.  However, if there is something that you are working on with your pet, just let me know and I will continue with that training.  I can teach sit, shake, roll over, etc. with your pet.  If there is a trick that I am working on with your pet, I'll write it in the note so you can continue, too.

      8.   Can I call one of your regular clients  to get a reference?

Yes, you can.  Just let me know so I can ask one of my clients and get permission to give out their telephone number.  I have references on my website and in my portfolio that you can view at any time.

      9.  Do you set up appointments prior to taking on a new client?

Yes, you will meet your pet sitter / dog walker during a free consultation.   During this meeting, you can show me your pet's routine and walking habits.  I will bring my portfolio for you to look over.  My portfolio contains my license, proof of insurance, clean back ground check and address history, pet first aid cards and references.

     10.  Will you charge me to pick up my key?

Yes, I do charge a small fee for key retrieval.  I can arrange to meet you for free if I am on my way to a job but if I have to go out of my way to pick up your key, I have to be reimbursed for gas.  I prefer to pick up the key during the free initial consultation.

     11.  Can you leave my key inside on the table on the last visit and lock the door on your way out?

Yes, I can do that.  However if something happens and you get delayed on your way home, I will have no way to get back inside and take care of your pets if I need to.

     12.  Do you have a web cam so I can check on my pet during the time they are boarding with you?

Yes, I do.  All we have to do is set up a specific time to do this.  I have SKYPE, too.  My user name is TLC Pet Care.  I do not leave the program running so we will have to set a time to call.

      13.  How far in advance do I need to make my reservations?

 It is important to make reservations as far in advance as you can.  This is especially important during popular vacation times like Spring Break and holidays.